Equivalent Resistance Calculator

These steps will help get you the correct answer:
  1. First type out all resistors separated by commas and no spaces. Example: 10,5,15,20
  2. Grouping rules:
    1. Resistors in series will always be separated with a comma. Example: 5,15
    2. Resistors in parallel will be grouped with square brackets. Example: [5,15,20]
    3. For each path in the parallel block, resistors in that path will be grouped inside parentheses. Example: [(5,15),(20)]

Example of final outcome : 10,[(5,15),(20)]

In the example above, 5Ω and 15Ω resistors are in series in parallel with a 20Ω resistor which makes a parallel block that is in series with a 10Ω resistor.
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